​Anne Marie Price

     ​       Contemporary Mosaic Art


Artist Statement

   I do not remember a moment in my life when I was not creating art but I do remember the moment I decided I wanted to create mosaic art. It is in this process especially, that I find peace, purpose, and a way to say my truth out loud...with many little pieces. I constantly try to find a balance between the simple and the complex in my work. The subject and colors simple...and the movement within that subject...complex. This is what drives and challenges me to keep creating. This challenge to create what I see all around me, in nature, humanity, life and the ironic can be seen in every mosaic I make. I like to encourage the viewer to look closer by adding elements or materials you are not expecting to see and always include some kind of hidden message in my work. This is my way of including you, the viewer, in the process. A reminder that it is necessary that we look closer at our world in order to truly appreciate all its many facets. 

Anne Marie Price

About the Artist

Anne Marie Price is an award winning Southern California artist who specializes in creating Contemporary Mosaic Art. Her work is collected world wide by long time collectors and followers of her work and can be seen in exhibitions across the USA. Born and raised in Wisconsin, Anne Marie brings her love of the natural, human nature and the ironic (and sometimes iconic) and enjoys using the art form of mosaic to create her vision of inspiration.

Anne Marie is known for her popular Temporary Mosaic Beach Art which she regularly creates on the beaches of Southern CA. These beach mosaics have been shared in local articles, local news programs as well on the CBS Sunday Morning Show. 

Anne Marie began creating Mosaic Surfboards when she was chosen along with highly acclaimed fellow artists to create a board for a local charity auction and received a People's Choice Award for this first mosaic surfboard dedicated to women surfers. This first launched her interest to create more mosaic surfboards and eventually led to an instructional video with "Mosaic Arts Online" titled "Mosaic a Surfboard with Anne Marie Price". Anne Marie's mosaic surfboards have been featured in local articles and on the popular site "Bored Panada".

In 2020 her mosaic surfboard "Springtime Vibez" was invited to be part of an exhibition showcasing surf culture in Muscat, Oman at the US Embassy Residency of Leslie Tsou through the "Art in Embassies" US State Department. 

*Directly email Anne Marie Price at annemarie310@live.com or visit contact page on this site.